Generate QuickBooks W2 Form Flawlessly and Accurately

Intuit leaves no stone unturned in providing businesses with a robust accounting platform so that the accounting professionals can manage every important element efficiently and productively – reporting W2 income in QuickBooks is one among the most requisite responsibilities of businesses, which Intuit makes possible though its QuickBooks accounting software suite.

Once you complete the payroll of your employees for the ongoing financial year and W-2 form is available to be filled out, you will require printing and filing the form and reporting the same to State Tax Department. If you compensate your employees more than $600 per year, it is an obligatory responsibility of yours to submit W-2 forms to the tax department.

What’s W-2 form?

It’s quite an informational detail that you submit to the State Tax Department and IRS so as to inform the government how much salary you have reimbursed to your employees in a particular financial year. It is required and obligatory for all businesses to furnish the requirement before the deadline ends.

What’s the requirement before filing W-2 form?

Before you start e-filing W-2 form through your QuickBooks accounting software, you should make sure you meet the following requirements:

  • An active and valid QuickBooks Payroll subscription
  • A supported edition of QuickBooks accounting software
  • Update payroll details
  • An uninterrupted internet connection
  • W-2 papers that are compatible with your QuickBooks Payroll and printer machine
  • Latest tax table

If you take on these procedures manually, there is a huge possibility to encounter inaccuracy and technical obstacles, but QuickBooks makes it quite accurate and convenient to fill the form and submit the same to the IRS before the due date.

Possible issues while printing W-2 form:

However, contrary to the efficiency and high accuracy of QuickBooks, there are some common challenges that can damage the way how QuickBooks prints and fills up the W-2 form. If you experience such conditions while printing W-2 form, you don’t need to get panic – we are here to help you with our certified payroll W-2 form technical help.

We, at, have a team of specially-selected QuickBooks technicians who hold a good expertise over the W-2 form. We are well-versed with every aspect that requires to be dealt with carefully. The importance of your responsibility is quite ubiquitous – we employ our best resources to help you overcome all obstacles in a real time.

If the issues are to be examined, you may come across the following common issues:

  • Unable to update the payroll details
  • Technical error pops up every time when you try to print W-2 form
  • You fail to create a form W-2c
  • Unable to generate the form due to invalid QuickBooks Payroll subscription
  • Outdated features and applications creating technical problems

These are some commonly-identified technical problems that take place while printing and filling up W-2 form. In addition to these obstacles, some advanced issues are also there to smash up the entire process. Whatsoever symptoms or technical problems you encounter, access our certified QuickBooks W-2 form support service to neutralize every obstacle in a real time.

We have a robust and efficient support mechanism that can help you contact our technicians immediately. Powered by a toll-free QuickBooks customer support helpline number 1-800-760-5113 and live email chat support, our helpdesk is quite efficient and resourceful to help our customers with accuracy.

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