QuickBooks Payroll For Mac And Employee Payment Options

Intuit’s QuickBooks payroll is a great way for business owners to pay their employs quickly and easily and everything they need for the employee management. As Mac OSX and Windows are the two most popular operating systems on which the payroll program is being run, both of OS users need to know how they can use payroll and its various modules.

Basic payroll, assisted payroll, and enhanced payroll are three desktop payroll solutions having Windows support. On the other hand, these benefits are not available on Mac, but Mac users can get benefited after using a boot camp program. Keep in mind that QuickBooks for Mac switches over data using online QB payroll for Mac service as it is available on Windows not Mac.

Not available on Mac = Desktop integrated payroll and assisted payroll (desktop)

Available on Mac Yes = Intuit Online Payroll integration (Mac Payroll) and Intuit Full Service Payroll integration (IFSP)

If you are a business owner and are using QuickBooks for Mac, then you can also pay your employees like QuickBooks for Windows. To do so, you don’t need to seek direct QuickBooks support as following are some suggestions that can help you take things ahead easily.

QuickBooks Payroll Technical Support

Edit employee information

  • First of all, edit employee information in the QuickBooks payroll system by tapping on “Lists” and “Employees.”
  • Then, click twice the name of any employee name that needs editing.
  • Then, all you need to do is to alter the first, last and middle name as per QB Payroll Services account information. Also make sure that it matches clearly with the employees in QB for Mac software. When you are assured, simply tap on “OK” option in order to save changes.

If you have any issues with the editing of information, then you can simply take technical support for QuickBooks payroll that lets you successfully revise valuable data.

Set up payroll

  • In the QuickBooks payroll system, tap on “QuickBooks” and “Preferences.”
  • From the drop-down menu, choose “Payroll” and a service respectively to use your payroll services. Then, tap on “Edit Account” to create or sign an account.
  • After this, move to the next segment and choose to be paid employees by checking the box subsequent to individual employee’s name.
  • Then, fill information on working hours and payment data (normal work, sick pay, overtime, vacation pay, bonus, etc.)
  • After this, simply tap on “Create Paychecks” and endorse employees’ salaries.
  • Choose from print checks, hand-written checks or a direct paycheck deposit options and ensure you send all employees mails using a link to the online version.

All mentioned-above steps are proven and easily help you pay employees on QuickBooks for Mac. These tips have been suggested by QuickBooks payroll technical support professionals.

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