Problematic POS While Connecting Data Files To Workstation

QuickBooks Point of Sale (POS) solutions is a great way to increase business efficiency as it helps retailers track customer data, inventory, and sales without facing any sort of glitches. Like other QuickBooks versions, the POS is also prone to some unexpected issues and problems.

QuickBooks POS that can give you a chance to change the face of your business can also make you experience lots of performance issues owing to no connection between data files and POS workstation. There is a long list of QuickBooks POS users who are facing challenges in mingling POS workstation to data files existing on the POS Server Workstation. When client workstation runs the POS, the POS server workstation starts rebooting. The same breaks a connection between the client and server workstation.

QuickBooks Point of Sale Support

QB users facing such issues can opt for QuickBooks support for point of sale or they can also try the following in order to repair QuickBooks POS Server connection to the workstation of the client.

In most of the cases, it has been detected that the rebooting client machine can also resolve this issue. You can also try the same to make things happens. If not, you need expert assistance to fix the problem with the following steps suggested in step-by-step DIY instructions and information.

  • First of all, you simply need to shut the QuickBooks POS down on the Client Workstation.
  • After this, just try to restart the Server Workstation.
  • When you are satisfied with the progress of the 2nd step, then you need to restart the Client Workstation.
  • After these steps, move forward and start on QuickBooks POS on Client Workstation. While doing so make sure that the POS should be automatically connected to the POS data file on Server Workstation.

These steps are proven and can help you sort the problem out. If not, you can try a QuickBooks support number to get the right assistance.

Invalid product number error or code is also a big issue encountered by POS users. If you are such a user who is having error code issues, then following are the simple solutions to handle the issue properly.

Before you start taking action, make sure you verify product code matching with the product number. If you find that the product number is accurate, you need to confirm if you have logged in Windows as administrator. If you can solve the puzzle of administrator rights, then the possible or the most likely cause is damaged files that exist in the Point of Sale Client Entitlement Folder.

If you fail to solve the issues with your efforts, you better take QuickBooks POS support from reliable resources.

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