All You Need to Know About the QuickBooks Online Navigation Changes

Intuit has made some new changes in the QuickBooks Online Navigation tool to help the users ensure more conveniences in the business bookkeeping. Over the period, the accounting software program has become a reliable and accurate accounting suite with more and more features. This time, the developer has come with some new updates to help the users in customizing their QuickBooks in accordance with their requirements.

Though the changes are easy to download or install on your QuickBooks Online, however you should contact QuickBooks customer support for a flawless and accurate QuickBooks online update 2017. There are some technical problems that you should keep them away from your QuickBooks accounting program for always. Contact a real time and instant QuickBooks online customer support by dialing a toll-free QuickBooks customer support number in a real time. Whenever you come through the technical obstacles, you can ensure a real time technical resolution to get rid of the obstacles in a real time.

Here are some new changes in the QuickBooks Online through the new updates:

  • Home is now named as dashboard
  • Bank Rules are now grouped in a separate tab
  • Banking tab has been placed on the top in dashboard
  • The information and elements related to the sales have been streamlined in a different tab
  • The Expense tab in the dashboard has got new elements related to the expenditure
  • Intuit has streamlined the Chart of Accounts and Reconcile in a separate tab

These are some specific changes that are aimed at providing the utmost conveniences to the professionals while managing their business books. Visit for more details about the new updates.

In case of any technical problems while installing the updates, you can go to the and check out the available technical solutions. Some of the reliable Intuit QuickBooks customer support through a toll-free QuickBooks phone number for tech support for round the clock.

As some users have reported, there are some specific errors that may take place when downloading ne navigation updates in QuickBooks Online. There is no need to worry in any circumstances—the technicians are always accessible through a QuickBooks customer support telephone number for round the clock. The technicians are available with their technical solution for always to assist the users in a real time.

While contacting QuickBooks support helpdesk through QuickBooks support phone number USA, you would better discuss each and every symptom and error message that you are experiencing on your QuickBooks accounting program.

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